Speleology is a sporting activity that allows you to admire the underground world in a unique way. In an undeveloped cave, your frontal will be the only source of light. But don’t worry, a qualified state instructor will accompany you safely during your journey to make you discover this original leisure activity, while explaining the history and creation of the cave.

The cave of Bruniquel :

Bruniquel, medieval village located in the Tarn-et-Garonne, 40 minutes drive from Najac, has a cave which creation takes us back to prehistory. It is an ideal cave for beginners wishing to discover caving, and curious to learn about their environment. With narrow passages and spacious rooms, this cave will leave you a unique memory.

Instructor :

Cette activité se fait uniquement en la présence d’un moniteur. En fonction de vos envies et de vos motivations nous pourrez-vous proposer différents sites, de la découverte (à partir de 7 ans) au perfectionnement pour les plus motivés. En juillet et août, nous vous proposons des sorties encadrées, et toute l’année pour les groupes constitués.

This activity is only possible with the presence of an instructor. Depending on your desires and your motivations, we know different caves. From discovery (from 7 years) to improvement for the most motivated. In July and August, we offer guided outings, and all year round for groups.


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An extraordinary experience

Tariffs :

Spéléology with instructor : 39€ per person

Practical Info :

Conditions :

  • From 10 years old (with the prescence of an adult)
  • Bring a sport clothing (closed shoes)

This activity includes :

  • The prescence of a state certified instructor
  • The necessary material for caving (helmet, suit, light)

  • Spéléologie, Najac, Aveyron - AAGAC
  • Spéléologie, Najac, Aveyron - AAGAC
  • Spéléologie, Najac, Aveyron - AAGAC
  • Spéléologie, Najac, Aveyron - AAGAC
  • Spéléologie, Najac, Aveyron - AAGAC
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