Adventure park

The Adventure Park, also called Tree Climbing, is an affordable leisure activity at any age and physical level.
The sporting activity consists of evolving from tree to tree, autonomously on courses of different difficulties and with safety equipment. After an introductory briefing, you will be able to evolve on circuits adapted to your age, your size and your physical level, under the supervision of operators who can intervene if needed.
Our park allows access to all the public for 1 to 3 hours of practice according to the routes carried out.

Yellow course

From the age of 3

It’s the course for the little ones. Children will be introduced to the activity safely by managing their own carabiners under the supervision of the parents (or accompanying persons). This route is at a maximum height of 1m and ends with a large 30m long zip line.

Orange course

From the height of 1m15

The children will start to take a little height (3m max) and will be able to do the same games as the adults. This route will be under the supervision of the parents (or accompanying persons)

3 courses : Green / Blue / Dark Blue

From the height of 1m25

These courses are intended for adults and children over 1.25m. The participants will evolve from 3 to 12 m high, these courses are adapted to the discovery of the activity and are accessible even to the less sporty. To finish you will have the pleasure, if you weight over 30 Kg, to pass over the river Aveyron with the big zip line of 200 m. The return will be done through a net across the river.

2 courses : Red / Black

From the height of 1m40

These courses are reserved for the most athletic. You will have access to 2 courses of a higher level of difficulty. The games are more technical and appeal to your balance as well as your physical strength (especially for the black course). The instructors will of course always be present to advise you or bring you down if necessary.

Purple Course

Sensation Option (10 ziplines + quickjump) +30kg / -110kg

Icing on the cake ! This route follows 10 ziplines running between 10 and 22 m in height. It ends, for the more adventurous, with a jump in the deep at 12 m high (the famous QUICKJUMP). If you do not want to jump, a loophole will be offered.

Pink Course

Big Zipline (200m), 30 kg and from 10 years old

White Course

Motricity Course, from the age of 3

Brown Course

AscenTree, from the height of 1m25


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Get up and live the adventure

Tariffs :

Child Admission (3-6 years) :

13€ per person

Junior Admission (7-11 years) :

16€ per person

Adult Admission (12 years and over) :

19€ per person

Sensation Option :

5€ extra per person

Practical Info :

Safety :

For your safety, we use an extra-secure CLICK-IT hook system. These magnetic carabiners prohibit the practitioner from simultaneously removing the 2 carabiners.

Conditions of access to the courses :

The specified sizes for access are the minimum sizes to have for each course. Remember to equip yourself with closed shoes and a suitable outfit.

  • Big Zipline (Purple Course) :  be over 10 years of age and weigh a minimum of 30kg
  • Quickjump : be over 10 years of age and weigh between 30 Kg and 110 Kg

Instructors reserve the right to allow access to the black course or not. This course is more difficult. If you do not have the required level, it is better not to venture and stay on the red course.

Worth knowing :

  • For Pass Pitchou, the presence of a non-practising adult is mandatory.
  • For children under 12 years of age, an adult on the park is necessary (on the ground or in the trees).
  • Between the ages of 12 and 18, adults should remain at least on site.
  • Out-of-practice adults do not pay admission to the park

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  • Parc Aventure Accrobranche
  • Parc Aventure Accrobranche
  • Parc Aventure Accrobranche
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