The river Aveyron, arises in Séverac-le Château, and flows in the Tarn river. The section between Monteils, Najac and Laguépie, runs in magnificent wooded, wild and charming gorges. Canoeing is one of the few ways to truly appreciate the beauty of the Aveyron. The river is made up of numerous rapids accessible to all, and offers three different routes. Depending on your technical level and the water conditions of the moment, we will advise you on the choice of the course most adapted to your level.

"Le petit tour de Najac"

This is the classic canoeing route of the Gorges de l'Aveyron ! The Petit Tour de Najac permits a 6kms canoeing trip in about 2 hours, with family or friends, throughout the year. This very playful trip is highly appreciated for its arranged passages (stairs, slide, waves, slalom basin), but also its splendid views of the Fortress of Najac and its village. During the summer, this route is often the only one possible on this part of the Aveyron. This trip is available from 6 years old during the summer and 12 years old in case of high water (the minimum age depends according to the time of year and the hydrological conditions).

The « Still Water » trip

From the age of 5, the discovery of canoeing (2 or 3 places) or kayaking (1 place) is possible on still water. Accompanied by an adult, this 1-kilometre trip allows a canoe and kayak ride for about an hour. Views of Najac, and an total immersion in the nature of the Gorges de l'Aveyron are on the table.


This 13kms route crosses the Gorges de l'Aveyron and its wild nature. Green landscapes mingle with a few natural rapids in the form of waves. To finish this route, a breathtaking view of the Najac Fortress awaits you.

Note that this route is only accessible during spring, by a high water level.

Go canoeing with an instructor :

Our team of state qualified canoeing instructors know the river perfectly. For a safe trip, choose to be joined by one of our guids. During school holidays, you can choose to rent a canoe or be accompanied by an instructor, depending on the water level of the river: please contact us for more information.


Contact us by email or by phone for other slots :

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Calm, nature and adventure !

Tariffs :

Petit tour de Najac canoel rental (6kms) :

17€ per person

Petit Tour de Najac with instructor (6kms) :

25€ per person

Still water canoe rental (2kms) :

8€ per person

Monteils - Najac canoe rental (13kms) :

20€ per person

Monteils - Najac with instructor (13kms) :

30€ per person

Practical Info :

Conditions :

  • The minimum age of access to this activity can depend on the course and the hydrological conditions
  • Know how to swim 25 meters and immerse yourself
  • Closed shoes are mandatory
  • Booking this activity is highly recommended

The rental includes :

  • Safety jackets
  • The canoes and the paddles
  • The helmets
  • The waterproof containers
  • Neoprene suits (depending on the weather)
  • The transport to the start of the course or at the end (not for the still water course)

Closed shoes must be worn. We can rent canoeing shoes for 2€.

Changing rooms, toilets and lockers are at your disposal. An adult must always be present on the water with under-aged persons (except for session with an instructor).

Be careful, not all trips are always available due to the water level. Especially Monteils-Najac is only possible in spring. Please contact us for more information

  • Canoë-kayak in the Gorges de l’Aveyron
  • Canoë-kayak In Najac
  • Canoë-kayak in the Gorges de l’Aveyron
  • Canoë-kayak in the Gorges de l’Aveyron
  • Canoë-kayak In Najac
  • Canoë-kayak In Najac
  • Canoë-kayak In Najac
  • Canoë-kayak In Najac
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